What is the most rare form of live theater? Find it in Coloma, CA

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Olde Coloma Theatre melodrama

Melodrama Live Theater in Coloma, CA

Only a handful of theaters perform melodrama nowadays in the classic, fun style. The Olde Coloma Theatre is one such place of delightful rarity. Hardworking and talented volunteers produce hilarious, interactive, family-friendly performances year-round. See their schedule.

Olde Coloma Theatre melodrama sceneWhat? Melodrama?

What is melodrama? It was the primary form of theatre during the 19th century, and was the most popular form by 1840.  Melodrama is fun to watch because there is clear-cut good and evil -- and good always prevails!

Enjoy the dramatic shenanigans and colorful costumes as the conflict plays out. Live piano music throughout the show helps to underscore the actions and feelings. Can you catch the ad-libbing?

Olde Coloma Theatre melodrama castBoo! Yay! Aww... It is so interactive

You can boo the villain and cheer the hero and heroine in upcoming shows like "The Watered Down Saloon” and “The Secret of the Attic.” The original melodramas are written by talented volunteers. Creative heckling is encouraged, and there are benches up front for children to have a great view in the historic log building.

Olde Coloma Theatre classic license plateThere is a great range of performances that have been onstage for 40 years! Coming up is a side-splitting tale of unrequited affections that run rampant through a saucy little house of ill repute that is being blackmailed by a crooked sheriff. The holiday show features adorable local children.

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