Why get a massage? The top 4 benefits of massage

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Massage therapy at Eden Vale Inn#1 Relax and De-Stress

Many of our guests come to us to unwind and release the stress of their busy lives. Therapeutic massage is a great way to relax and let go. Massage therapists know that when your stress levels go down, your health improves. You sleep better, have more energy, and better circulation. Mentally, massage improves your concentration and reduces anxiety. And a massage can give you a sense of emotional balance, perspective, and clarity that is just wonderful.

#2 Feel Younger and Move More Easily

One of the best benefits of massage is that it helps your body move more easily! Massage helps to exercise and stretch tight or weaker muscles. It increases joint flexibility. Massage reduces that nagging low-back pain. It also helps improve your range of motion and joint flexibility. How nice!


#3 Feel better with reduced pain

The Mayo Clinic explains that massage helps with headaches, fibromyalgia, and nerve pain. It also improves strains and injuries. Why? Every massage therapist will tell you that massage releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Even migraine pain is helped. And depression and anxiety are reduced too.

#4 Perform better athletically

Massage sessions can reduce inflammation, says the Huffington Post. One of the benefits of massage is to help your muscles recover after a hard workout. Massage also helps athletes of any level prepare for workouts as well as recover from them.




Different Styles of Massage


At Eden Vale Inn, our gifted and caring Certified Massage Therapists offer several types of massage. Swedish Massage is great for relaxation and de-stressing. Deep Tissue Massage helps to relax your tense muscles where aches and pains are held. Hot Stone Therapy is a delightful experience that helps to melt away your muscle stiffness. Heated stones, placed on key points in the body, also increase circulation and deepen relaxation.

Bonus Benefit: At Eden Vale Inn we offer couples massages romance packages. Combine your soothing massage with a deep couples hot soak. Add champagne and chocolate. Or have herbal tea delivered to your room after your massage. These and other romantic touches help you enjoy each other more. See our spa page for more details, and come enjoy a relaxing and healthful get-away.

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