Placerville Olive Oil, Fruit and Organic Veggies!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Placerville ingredients served at Eden Vale InnHere are some of our favorite local food sources near Placerville CA. We love these organic veggies and fire-baked breads, local fruit and pies, and astounding olive oils and vinegars. Using the best local products gives our guests the best ingredients in their breakfasts. It also supports the local economy. We love frequenting these small, independent businesses and maybe you will too!

Winterhill Olive Oil served at Eden Vale Inn

Winterhill Olive Oil

Winterhill makes wonderful flavorful and fresh olive oil that we use regularly in all our egg dishes. Their store is on historic Main Street in Placerville. You can taste everything in the store! They have various flavors of certified extra virgin olive oils, authentic balsamic vinegars, jams and jellies, and more. When we want to send a gift basket, we have Winterhill make them up for us.     

South Fork Farm Placerville CA Organic Vegetables served by Eden Vale Inn


South Fork Farm

We love to get great fresh vegetables and wood fired bread from this local farm. Jaclyn Moyer and Ryan Dorsey created this organic farm and market that is just 5 miles from Eden Vale Inn. They grow from organic seeds, using crop rotation instead of pesticides, and conserve water by using drip irrigation. And their produce tastes fantastic!


Hooverville Orchards

Hooverville Orchards collage by Eden Vale Inn

This family-run orchard where they grow a little bit of everything. They have seasonal fruits like apples, Asian pears, berries, and citrus fruits. You can also buy preserves year round, and pies that are baked every weekend. Their picnic grounds are a lovely place to sit and listen to the birds. Leashed dogs are welcome.

It is a wonderful world out of time where you buy on an honor system by leaving your money in the can when they are busy in the orchard.

Fresh Eggs at Eden Vale Inn

Eden Vale Inn has the freshest breakfast eggs in Placerville

We have to confess, one of the freshest and most local ingredients in our breakfasts is eggs from our chickens! They have a happy life here and enjoy wandering the property. Your morning egg dish includes their eggs laid fresh that day.

Come and enjoy our gourmet breakfasts with all these delicious ingredients. Soak in our deep tubs, swim in our pond, enjoy a relaxing massage. Feel free to call us about your next visit at 530-621-0901.

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