Local Hiking and Mountain Biking

Friday, June 07, 2013

About a 15 minute drive from Eden Vale Inn is wonderful foothill hiking and mountain biking. The foothills don’t get any better, with the area offering views up and down the South Fork of the American River and views of the Sierra Crest that divides the foothills from Lake Tahoe. The Crystal Range (Sierra Crest in the area) is often covered in snow into May. During the summer the foothill temperatures can be hot and you may prefer instead a High Country hike. 

Foothill hiking is best October through May. By December the area is green and accessible and stays free of snow all winter.

Spring is the prime time for a Sierra Foothills hike. The the wildflowers come out and the foothills are a carpet of green. More information is available at the inn including local maps.

Our favorite foothill hike at Cronan Ranch is the West Ridge Trail.  This easy 1 ½ hour walk offers great views of the American River and Crystal Range.

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