3 Easy Walks to the Water Near Coloma CA

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Come and relax by the water at one of our top three relaxing waterside places near Coloma CA and Eden Vale Inn. Yes, we are surrounded by great places for adventurous hiking, biking, rafting and more. And in Coloma itself, you can learn about gold rush history by the river - read more in our blog. But we know that many of our guests come to our inn because they want to relax and unwind in the beautiful Sierra Foothills. Sometimes the best thing to do on a getaway is to lounge in a hammock, stroll our gardens, read a good book, and have wonderful conversations with your companion. To increase your relaxation, spend some time by water near us that's very easy to get to. Here are three great, nearby places where you can dip your feet in the water and relax.

Henningsen Lotus Park near Coloma CAHenningsen Lotus Park

Henningsen Lotus Park is just minutes from Coloma CA and Eden Vale Inn. This is the gentlest beach around, enjoyed by tiny tots to water-loving elders. Enjoy the beach, picnic tables, grassy areas, and a showerhead to rinse off.

If you’d like to get a nice workout before you lounge by this more tranquil section of the South Fork American River, walk around their paved circuit. One lap is 0.42 miles. People often walk their dogs here for a nice leg stretch. Also, there is an outdoor PAR course to get a few exercises in.

Just upstream is a secondary parking lot with a nature walk that has paths down to river holes. You can walk your leashed dog at Lotus Park and they can swim too.

Relax on the beach. Wade or swim in the river! The water can be very refreshing on a hot summer day. But be aware that while it is slow moving, there is a river current. Also, some mornings and afternoons the beach gets boat traffic from rafts and kayaks. They can be fun to watch as they approach and take off. Henninsen Lotus Park is a great place to go with kids, friends, or just to enjoy the riverside alone for a quiet breather.

To get there from Eden Vale Inn, drive uphill on Lotus Road and then down to the stop sign at Bassi Road. The park entrance is just a little way farther on your left.

Dave Moore Nature Area

The Dave Moore Nature Area, just outside of Coloma CA, is about a mile long loop. Part of it is a gentle trail to the river through shady oak trees. Created in honor of BLM Ranger Dave Moore, this beautiful  trail includes an accessible walk through trees down to a river beach. The right side of the loop from the parking lot, near the rest station, is accessible for wheelchairs and baby strollers. It is a great place for picnicking, bird watching, and swimming.

Dave Moore Nature Area MadroneSome people walk the entire loop, and some jog it a few times to get a workout. Many love to go right down to the river through the oaks and madrone. It’s about a 15 minute stroll. There are a couple of picnic tables along the trail that are also wheelchair accessible.

We enjoy watching the small rapid there, and dipping our toes in. It’s another great place for kids to wade, and dogs are welcome too.

To get there from Eden Vale Inn, drive uphill on Lotus Road to get to Highway 49. Turn left on Hwy 49 for about 1 mile. The cobbled wall entrance pictured above will be on your left.

Eden Vale Inn’s Pond

We have to mention that we have a great pond right on our grounds. You may just want to stay and enjoy it. You don’t have to go very far to enjoy being by the water!

It is great to sit by, swim in, and take our rowboat on. Gayle, owner and gourmet breakfast cook, enjoys a swim almost every summer day. Sydney the wonder dog also finds it refreshing!

Whether you go out or stay at the inn, enjoy our luxurious rooms, beautiful grounds, and gourmet breakfasts. Contact us to learn more about how to enjoy your getaway at Eden Vale Inn.

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